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How to prepare for your appointment?

Kate's Corner Osteopathic Care

Before the Visit

  • Please complete your new patient paperwork found under Patient Forms. 
  • Please use pdf version if you have mac/apple
  • If you are a Medicare patient, be sure to complete the supplemental forms provided. 
  • Please have any relevant imaging studies or office notes from other physicians faxed to our office. Fax – (480) 564-2906
  • Please be sure to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing such as shorts or workout pants and a t-shirt. No jeans, please. You may be asked to remove your shoes & socks.
Kate's Corner Osteopathic Care

During the Visit

Full History and Physical

Each patient is listened to attentively and given time for a thorough history and physical exam to best understand their concerns and make a precise working diagnosis of their condition. Our whole-person approach considers the individual's body, mind, and spirit in how they relate to their current state of health.  Nutrition, sleep, personal habits, stressors, spiritual/faith background, health goals, and exercise are all addressed. Past medical and surgical history and medications (if taken) are reviewed. Imaging studies (if available) are discussed.

A complete osteopathic structural exam, assessing posture and the integrity of the musculoskeletal system, is performed. After a diligent assessment, individualized osteopathic manipulation may be recommended as a treatment if indicated. 

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Osteopathic manipulation is hands-on care with the goal of removing restrictions in muscles, bones, and joints. NMM/OMM specialists are trained in a wide variety of techniques that range from direct active treatment to gentle positioning. Because of the broad scope of options for effective care, appropriate osteopathic manipulation can be safely performed on even newborns and the elderly. 

The treatment is the beginning, a method to promote self-healing by improving your circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous system's transport of vital substances throughout the entire body.  You may continue to experience a restful state as you adjust to more efficient movement patterns. While some tender areas may be addressed, generally, osteopathic treatment is not painful. Some of the more gentle techniques are quite soothing, peaceful, and refreshing.

After The Visit

Kate's Corner Osteopathic Care

Depending on the nature of the complaint or time since injury, relief may be immediate, or improvements may be noted incrementally. There should be a positive response by the third visit, with many responding much sooner. Because the body has been asked to work, and areas that may have been restricted for a while are now moving freely, some soreness may be experienced after the treatment. This should only last 2-3 days and be comparable to the feeling after a workout. It is advised to avoid activities out of the ordinary for 2-3 days after treatment to allow the body to adjust. Plenty of water intake after osteopathic treatment is also advised.


Often, specific home exercises are "prescribed" to help recondition and rebalance the body. We prefer to use our hands over prescriptions. In some cases, appropriate prescription medications may be coordinated through collaboration with your family physician.

Please complete your new patient paperwork.

Please use pdf version if you have mac/apple

1. New Patient Form







2. HIPAA Consent

For Medicare Patients Only

In addition to the New Patient Info and the HIPAA Consent Forms above, if you have
Medicare, you must also complete BOTH the Medicare Private Contract from CMS and
the Medicare Patient Agreement (Opt-out status) from Kate’s Corner.

3. Medicare Private Contract


4. Medicare Patient Agreement
(Opt-Out Status)

Dr. Worden has “opted out” of Medicare, is she is no longer contracted with Medicare as a provider. Patients who have Medicare are able to see Dr. Worden by agreeing to and signing a separate contract. Medicare cannot be billed for her services and is not responsible to reimburse the patient for the services provided by Dr. Worden.

Schedule an Appointment

Both new and follow-up appointments can be scheduled online by clicking the button below or by calling our office at
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