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Osteopathic Medicine:
*The Science of Medicine
*The Art of Caring
*The Power of Touch

Kate's Corner Osteopathic Care
Kate's Corner Osteopathic Care

What We Treat

Services We Offer

  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
  • Comprehensive History and Physical Exam
  • Review of Prior Medical Records
  • Create a Plan For Treating The Source of Your Pain & Enhancing Your Underlying Health

Important: Payment Policy


We do not bill insurance directly at our office, though we will provide you with a document that you may submit to your carrier, FSA, HSA, or Out of Network coverage for reimbursement of your payment. If you are filing with your insurance, please contact them if you will need a referral for services.

Kate's Corner Osteopathic Care

What are our Fees?

Based on actual one-on-one time with physician.

Initial:   60 min   $360

Follow Up:

               30 min  $180 (standard)

               45 min $280 (extended)

Payment Options?


               Check (preferred)


               Major Credit Cards (coming soon)

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule an Appointment

Both new and follow-up appointments can be scheduled online by clicking the button below or by calling our office at
(480) 564-2905.

Kate's Corner Osteopathic Care