Medicare & Insurance Policy


  • If you have Medicare, you need to know that Dr. Worden has opted out of Medicare as well as Medicaid (AHCESS). This means she is no longer a provider for Medicare and that you will not be able to bill them for her services. Your payments for her services would be considered unreimbursed medical services for tax purposes.


  • Because she is a fully licensed physician, Medicare would accept her orders for x-rays, scans, testing, or durable medical equipment (DMG) when indicated.


  • If you do have Medicare and are willing to be seen for high-level experienced Osteopathic specialty care by Dr. Worden, there will be 2 separate Medicare Waiver forms for you to sign, one from Medicare itself (CMS), which allows for separate physician-patient agreements, and one from Kate’s Corner Osteopathic Care, PLC.


  • Please download these 2 forms from the website, sign, and bring them with you to your first appointment. If you forget to complete them ahead of time, these forms will be available to you at the time of your first visit.


  • If you are unable to sign this separate agreement, Dr. Worden would unfortunately be unable to see or treat you. There are other osteopathic physicians (DOs) who are Medicare providers and could provide you this treatment under Medicare coverage to the level of their experience and expertise.



  • If you have other insurance coverage, you need to know that Dr. Worden has opted out of all insurances so that her services are considered out-of-network.


  • If you do have insurance coverage (that is not Medicare or Medicaid), including out-of-network, FSA or HSA benefits, an Encounter Form will be provided to you at the time of services. You may submit this form to your insurance for possible partial payment at the discretion of your insurance company’s coverage.